Daniela Schlüter | Midtale

Daniela Schlüter | Midtale

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March 21 – May 11, 2013

A Crisis of Forgetting and Remembrance

Layers of paint and varied print techniques on thick paper, snippets of greek mythology, family pictures, DNA, photographs of Syria, Bosnia and Germany all combine to tell stories in Daniela Schlüter’s exhibition MidTale. She talks of the absence of certain stories in her own life as being formative in her current artistic explorations.

Daniela Schlüter was born in Germany during a period of national forgetting. She speaks of the gaps in cultural memory and attention surrounding WWII that were obvious to her, and of her concerns about international memory and attention now. Schluter uses her own family’s story as the path to understanding

Images and texts are chosen for their symbolic importance and visual impact, carefully layed out and layered in an obsessive search for both beauty and meaning.

Schlüter is based in both Germany and Canada and has exhibited her prints, drawings and video projections in Europe, Canada and the United States. Recent exhibitions include such venues as: Katholische Fachhochschule in Münster, Germany; Kunst gegen Rechts, Kreishaus, Borken, Germany; and E3 Gallery, New York City. Schlüter grew up in Germany and studied art at the Ruhrakademie Schwerte and the Fachhochschule Münster, Germany before completing her MFA in Printmedia at Concordia University in Montreal. She has spent the last four years as an Assistant Professor of Printmaking at the University of Alberta and returned to Germany this summer.


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