Evann Siebens | Chromatic Revelry

Evann Siebens | Chromatic Revelry



April 19 – May 31, 2014

dc3 Art Projects partners with Vancouver gallery Wil Aballe Art Projects¬†in presenting Evann Siebens’ Chromatic Revelry.

A series of 10 short films and accompanying photo installation, Chromatic Revelry connects the ordered harmonic scale of J.S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier with the chaos of rave culture. Shot on Super 8 film in clubs and at raves, the piece suggests a timelessness to parties, celebration and dance. The chaos is married to the musical chromatic scale, and stitches it to a formal classical dance training and aesthetic. With its archival Super 8 footage and Baroque music, the film becomes trans-historical, lost in time, and commenting on the nature of revelry, celebration and the human form rather than a particular moment in history.

Combining extremes of scale to parallel the disparate musical styles referenced in the films, Siebens explores the nature of art in our time, our fascination with youth tribes, and our relationship with technological image making. Silly, sentimental and luscious, these films and the accompanying photographs inspire more than simple humour as they explore movement and bliss.


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