March 11 – April 4, 2015
Alysha Creighton and Nika Blasser, Janice Wright Cheney, Dana Dal Bo, Dana Holst,
 Shanell Papp, Tammy Salzl, Caitlin Thompson

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a story written by a very young woman that has touched our modern culture for centuries. Her animation of the horrors of society, class, and technology within one reluctant and ultimately doomed conception is a classical example of the subjectivity of the monstrous and a germinator of dc3 Art Projects exhibition Monstrous?. The creator, his creation, and the townspeople around all take the role of monster throughout the tale. All are understandably driven by their own needs and fears, yet each takes turn as failed beings.

Monstrous? is an exhibition inspired by Shelley’s novel and by the works of artists who use horror and unease to portray a sense of the monstrous within their work, most often balanced with elements of humour and beauty. What shape does the monster take within the viewers mind when presented with numerous characters and multiple points of view. Who or what is monstrous within any given situation is often a matter of perspective and time, changing with history and viewpoints.

How do our judgements infest the world we create, how do they impact others around us, and how do they change over time? What is Monstrous?


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