OUR FAMILIES: The Impact of Contemporary Family on Art

OUR FAMILIES: The Impact of Contemporary Family on Art

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October 10 – November 16, 2013
AA Bronson, Evergon, Paul Freeman, Didier and François Morelli, Wren Noble, Tammy Salzl, Mona Sharma, Marion Wagschal

Our Families – brought together by choice, by blood, by proximity and by necessity, families can be a source of great support, a generous muse, and a powerful nidus for stress. Family ritual and tradition, intergenerational inspiration and the shared memory of trauma, changing roles within families as parents and children age, grief loss and remembrance all derive form through the minds eyes and bodies of the artists in this exhibition.

Our Families: The Impact of Contemporary Family on Art is an exhibition of work by incredible Canadian artists who, by nature of being human, have families.

In addition to our represented artists Paul Freeman, François Morelli working collaboratively with his son Didier, and Tammy Salzl we are very proud to be presenting the work of three iconic Canadian artists in this exhibition. The photographer Evergon has been exhibiting nationally and internationally for decades and is presented courtesy of Galerie Trois Points, his representing gallery in Montreal. Marion Wagschal has lived her adult life in Montreal, painting and teaching through Concordia University and is represented by Battat Contemporary, our partner in presenting her work in Edmonton. AA Bronson is a founding member of the Canadian collective General Idea and continues an active solo and collaborative practice. We are grateful to a local collector for the opportunity to include AA Bronson’s work in this exhibition. Finally, we proudly include the work of three additional artists Wren Noble, Mona Sharma, and the recently departed and fondly remembered Margaret Lunt whose work is included by kind permission of her son, Evergon.

Please watch for our upcoming screening of Donald Winkler’s 2011 documentary Margaret and Evergon about their remarkable family story and Margaret’s impact on a community of young queer men and women.

Real Families go beyond the nuclear, beyond legal unions and blood, beyond households and national boundaries. Real Families age and change and die. Real Families are messy and wonderful and hurtful and healthy and big and small. They last for seconds and centuries and they make us who we are. Real Families are Our Families. Come see Our Families, and bring yours along for the experience.

David Candler
dc3 Art Projects


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